Places To Visit After 5 Pm In Washington DC

Washington is one of the world’s adorable places to live and there are a lot of things to have fun. This is the city that belongs to the United States, Columbia district.

The city is filled with a variety of cultures, scenes, and museums. If you are visiting this city you should make the plan to make your day worthy and you have to figure out the things to do in Washington after 5.

In case, you don’t know the places which are open after 5pm in Washington DC where it is mentioned get to know about it;


Madams organ

If you are the one who looks most to visit the bar scenes, this will be the right option for you to make the fun. You can select this place for your weekend parties and this place gets its name from the place it is located. The entertainment level always is its peak.

Capital one arena

This is the venue where you can see the concerts and sports arena all over the year. The venue is closely located to the metro so you need not worry about transportation and you can enjoy lots of food menus.

National portrait gallery

The national portrait is the only museum that opens until 7 pm every day. Here you can see some of the iconic portraits and highlighting things of the gallery are they offering the storytelling aspect to give the visitors ultimate experience.

Through this, you can get to know about the styles of art and the stories of humans how changed over time.

Final words

These are the few places to go in DC after 5 pm but you can experience something new through exploring these places. If you get a chance to visit the Washington Dc don’t miss these places.