Easy 5 ways to make 2D animation look 3D

Animation is an interesting field which holds numerous opportunities for the people who wish to enter into this great animation world. However, succeeding in this animation field is not an easy task and it needs lot and lot of things to be learnt, like after effects logo. As animation technology is growing each and every day there are much things to be learnt to cope up with the fast growing field.

Now the total animation world is adapted to 3D form as it is the next advancement made in this animation after 2D. So, people who are still fixing themselves to 2D animation process must try to move themselves to involve in 3D animation which will be a great step to peep into the 3D world of animation. Now all people who indulge in creating 2D animation may look how to change their 2D animation to 3D form.

So, to help all such animators here we have spoken about 5 ways to make 2D animation look 3D. This may be also helpful for the beginners too as it will be supportive for them to analyze about both 2D and 3D.

5 hypnotizing ways to make 2D animation look 3D

Here are the first 5 ways which will be easy for all to enjoy both 2D and 3D form of animation very strangely.

Step 1: Brining 3D geometry form into the after effects concept: Hopefully, there are numerous ways to obtain the limitation of 2D objects in AE. Even though it is considered to be tad complicated it has many advantages within it.

If the animator has the creative suit of AE, which is prior to CS6, then he can make use of the Photoshop options and they can simply make 2D look cute 3D’s. This is one among the several tips to improve your character animation.

Step 2: Getting 3D package for free: The very next method is to get a free package which is will cost effective and also it is important to choose application with all basic and advanced tools within it.

Step 3:  Developing the 3D styles: The animator, which tries to change 2D to 3D, must try to develop all the 3D styles within themselves. After that, the 2D animation can be changed in 3D form very easily.

Step 4: Choose best 3D application

Step 5: Judge how far the 2D apps can be pushed to 3D

Hence, all the above said 5 ways to make 2D animation look 3D can be adopted by the animators to be updated with the trend prevailing in market.